Corona Virus (Covid-19)
Corona Virus (Covid-19)
(updated 15 Jun 2020)
Here are the main impacts of Corona Virus (Covid-19) on the operation and product supply at Alba Medical.
We are Open
There are no changes to our hours of operation (go to contact us for details).
Product Supply
Currently there are no major delays or limitations.
However we are experiencing some supplier unannounced delays due to Covid-19. Usually up to 3 days. But these occurences are becoming less.
Product Delivery
Couriers have advised that delivery standards cannot be guaranteed.
However we are experiencing that delivery standards are met most of the time.
("Standards" is the couriers' target length of time to deliver.)
Our Store Doors are Locked
Only staff are allowed in the store.
Curbside Pickup
You can still come to pick up your order. We'll go outside to hand it to you.
Please order in advance of any store visit, if you don't, please be prepared to talk to us by your cell phone or outside the store when you're here.
Ostomy Consults
No in-store consults. Consultations will be by phone or email.
Recently we have had a few consults (only verbal) outside our store doors ... safe distancing strictly enforced.
Payment Method
Cash and cheque payments increase the risk in the spread of Covid-19. Please pay by other means.
Generally, returns are not allowed. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case.
Still free. More abundant.