Ostomy Consult
Ostomy Consult
Consults at Alba Medical are provided by an experienced Registered Nurse specialized in ostomy care.
Karen Witkowski   (Reg N, BScN, NSWOCC)
Karen Witkowski
There are a variety of reasons you may want to have a consult, here are a few:
  • resolving stoma problems eg leakage, irritation
  • selecting stoma care products
    • to resolve problems
    • trialing different solutions and manufacturer types
    • accessories (eg. barrier rings, barrier film, powder, deodorant, tape)
  • direction on proper application of products
  • advice on skin care
  • help with stoma opening measurement
  • general review of stoma and product usage a checkup
  • colostomy irrigation
Consults are held at Alba Medical, via phone and via on-line(future).
  • free for existing Alba Medical clients
  • free on exception eg. short consults, manufacturer referrals
  • $75 per consult for non Alba Medical clients (short follow-up contacts are included)
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