Peristeen anal irrigation system
Peristeen anal irrigation system
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Peristeen anal irrigation system
Bowel Management

The goal for an effective bowel management program is to:

  • Avoid or minimize constipation and / or fecal incontinence (bowel accidents)
  • Complete the emptying process in a reasonable amount of time
  • Encourage independence and self-care
Treatment Options
There are many treatment options to help you manage your bowel activities. You may have tried one or more or even several at one time. Your physician or nurse will guide you through what is best for you.
To manage both bowel leakage and constipation, there are a number of treatment options available, the following diagram list options in increasing order of invasiveness:
treatment options
Treatment Option "Transanal Irrigation" - Peristeen
The Coloplast Peristeen system is one of the treatement options called "Transanal Irrigation" - it appears on the "Second line" in the treatment options diagram above.
The acronymn (short form) for "Transanal Irrigation" is TAI. It is a process of bowel flushing with water via the anus. Many times it is referred to as "bowel irrigation".
Peristeen - How it Works
Peristeen allows the bowel to empty by introducing water into the bowel using a rectal catheter. The rectal catheter has a built in balloon that when inflated helps to hold the water in place. When the balloon is deflated, the water is then emptied from the bowel along with stool.
Video on how "transanal irrigation" (TAI), also call "bowel irrigation", works using Peristeen:
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